Our 2022 Scottish Gin Adventure

#ScottishGinTour2022 I really am rubbish at blogging about stuff I get up to, I think at the time that it might be nice to write something down and share some thoughts, but then… well it rarely actually happens. But as today (October 1st 2022) is international Scottish Gin day (@IntScotGinDay) I thought I would (re)document […]

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Negroni the Tucci way

Many of you may have seen the Stanley Tucci on YouTube, where he makes a Negroni in an unconventional (but listed on a Campari bottle) way. I decided to follow his instructions… but ultimately found that I could not!

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Behind the Production Curtain

February 28, 2019 This time I thought I would delve a little into the subject of the different ways in which the owner of a gin brand (an individual or company) can get Gin into a bottle that has their label proudly emblazoned on the front of it. It’s worth stating loud and clear again […]

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Gin Terroir – is it a thing?

Originally published January 13, 2019 Recent twitter posts and online media articles and blogs have compelled me to jot down a few personal thoughts about provenance in spirits production/marketing. Just to put a few things straight, for those of you that believe I may be a garnish short of a G and T as you have seen […]

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