One more sleep… #Junipalooza

So… It’s been a while since I dusted off my blog password and re-installed WordPress (yes I did just have to check if that is what the app is called). I even found my draft post of the last Junipalooza that I never published – I often wonder what people’s draft folders might be like, every time I look at mine!

Anyway Junipalooza starts tomorrow Saturday 11th June 2022 and current thoughts are ones of excitement. So many new distillers and Gins to meet.

Perhaps this will be the trigger to actually doing a bit more thoughtful blogging on this sight… But perhaps this enthusiasm will just descend into two frantic days of drinking and doing my usual observing without feeling I am participating. I am aiming for the former.

I apologise in advance if you are one of ‘the lucky ones’ who I say “hi” to, but don’t introduce myself fully.

And no, I am not forgetting it is also #WorldGinDay

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